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Structural Design of Unistrut Support Systems for Datacenter Applications


The structural design of Unistrut support systems for datacenter applications involves custom-engineering Unistrut systems to support the specific needs of datacenters. The process includes site evaluation, load estimation, system configuration, safety protocols, and installation strategy. Materials used include Unistrut channels, brackets and fittings, strut nuts, spring nuts, post bases, and cable management accessories. Expertise in structural engineering, safety standards, thermal dynamics, and electrical grounding is required. Collaboration with datacenter managers, electrical engineers, HVAC specialists, installation crews, and fire safety experts is essential. These support systems balance robustness with modularity to ensure safety, efficiency, and scalability in datacenters.

Equipment Load Structural Analysis


KST offers specialized Equipment Load Structural Analysis services to ensure equipment safety and operational efficiency in industrial settings. Their structural engineers use finite element analysis to design structures that can support and distribute loads, reducing risks associated with overloading and unexpected operational challenges. KST's services adhere to industry benchmarks and set new standards for excellence and precision.

Substation Structural Engineering

Structural, Civil

KST offers advanced substation structural design and foundation design services that prioritize fault clearance, equipment support, and accessibility for maintenance. Utilizing advanced software and workflows, their designs withstand environmental conditions and are compliant with industry standards for longevity and durability.

Data Center Structural Support


KST specializes in structural support design for modern data centers. Their designs adhere to the latest codes and standards, and prioritize modular flexibility for hassle-free scalability. Partnering with KST ensures unparalleled structural integrity for your data center's infrastructure.

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Structural Evaluation for Insurance Claims Services


"Structural Evaluation for Insurance Claims" is a vital service that assesses the extent of damage to a structure after unforeseen events. This comprehensive evaluation provides a technical basis for insurance claims by determining the cause, extent, and estimated cost of repairs. The process involves preliminary site visits, detailed inspections, data collection, analysis, and report compilation. Various tools and equipment, as well as expertise in structural engineering, materials science, and construction methods, are required. Collaboration with general contractors, masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and roofers may be necessary for the repair process.

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